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February 24, 2008



You hit the jackpot with this one Darling. I have spent 62 years stealing the ends every chance I get. Mom is the maven on this subject and so many more and I love your tribute to her. Well timed by the way: she will be with us in two weeks and she better not show up without it!

Joel Reck

Other than the fact that your Mom called it Mandelbrot and my Mom called it mandelbread, it looks and sounds like the same recipe. Maybe their parents came from the same shtetl! In any event, the mere mention of mandelbread evokes strong, positive emotions for me tied to flashbacks to lots of happy family events where my Mom's mandelbread was on the table. Thanks.


Thanks Ronnie. I certainly appreciate your kind words.
It gives me great pleasure to see everyone enjoy this simple cookie and I
am happy that you are now baking them in addition to your great cooking
skills. Love, Mom


...and now Rhoda's Mundelbrot will be showing-up ateven more gatherings. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the history.


Grandma made me a couple of batches of her ever popular Mundelbrot for my friends for a huge Shabbat dinner I co-hosted a while back. My friends love them!! Who doesn't?!? So glad you posted the recipe to share with everyone. =)


OK. Now that I am over the flu and have taste buds again, I think it is time my new neighbor came over with some of these delectable things called Mandelbrot.I am still healing from a back incident that was caused by ,you guessed it, picking up a pair of sox!Thanks to my new friends for playing ambulance driver.
Oh yeah whats a shtet???
Love ya,

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Thank you for this recipe. I love Mandelbrot, but never knew how to make it. My Publix always carries it around Passover time and I grab it when I see it. I am certain that yours is waaay better!


Susan, thanks for visiting. Make a batch and let me know how it turns out.
Tracy, the word shtetl: Many of our family members came from Eastern Europe and lived in Jewish neighborhoods called shtetls. I will bring you some mandelbrot on our next visit.
Joel, I am so glad that you can connect with your mother through food. In my mind, there is no better way!
Diane and Ev, my love: thanks for being a fan
Deb, your grandmother loves making these for you; now, you must continue the tradition.
And Mom, above all thanks for always showing up with it :)

Zio Altamura

I am sitting here having a coffee and licking the expanded picture of the Mandelbrot on my monitor!
Excellent entry Chef. Keep 'em coming...


Looks tasty! I think I also grew up hearing it called "mandelbread."

Also, I just wanted to say I discovered your blog via your comment on Food Blogga's site regarding finding blood oranges in the Tampa area and I just wanted to say thanks! Hopefully I'll have some luck on today's grocery run. Always happy to hear from another Florida food blogger! :-)

L. G. Carpentier

You realize, of course, you are now completely "on the hook" to provide these marvels upon next visit. You have no choice!!! This goes for what's-his-name, too. Good stuff.


Zio, thanks for your support. Come on over for the real deal.
Mike, thanks for stopping by. Hope you had good luck finding the blood oranges. Saw some yesterday at Fresh Market in Clearwater.
Paul, let us know when you are coming to visit. I will be sure to have a fresh batch waiting.


The mandelbrot was as good as advertised. While their appearance is like biscotti, the consistency is different. The cinnamon is a nice accent, while not overpowering the flavor. Big thumbs up from the big man & his family. Thanks so much.


I am not a baker. But after reading your story about the mondelbrot I had to try. They are in the oven now. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your blog.


i just made the momdelbrot with my mom and it is ppretty good i am gonna admitand my aunt always makes mondelbrot for the holidays when we come over and i dont like it but i wish she made this bread and i am a picky eatter and i am just 11 and the bread it very amusing i think we are going to make it now and everyone will eat ours not my aunts and everyone brags about hers but now they can bragabout ours thankyou ronnie for this recipe

Codero Coupon

MMMMmmm.. Mandelbrot! Nut bread is delicious

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Gonna use this recipe for Thanksgiving! Thank you!

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