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December 05, 2007


Christine (myplateoryours)

What a great video of you and the kids! Adorable, and very special. I think you will survive this move just fine.

Susan from Food Blogga

Christine has offered sage advice. May this new time in your life create beautiful memories for you and your family.


Your grandchildren are beautiful. The video really confirms the importance of keeping traditions alive. Abby and I are going to make kekle next week and we will make sure that little Alexsandra puts her little fingers in the dough.
I am sure it will be emotional to leave your home as there has to be so many wonderful memories. But that is the thing about memories-they travel with you whereever you go.


Christie, I trust that you are correct. Susan, thanks for the good wishes.
Willa, thanks so much for the beautiful comments. I am thrilled that you are going to make kekle (Lena's Swiss Cakes). That tradition should never be lost. Look for a blog post about it real soon and send me a picture so I can put it on here.


Ronnie, you have figured out the most important thing about change -- that you always carry the past forward into your future. Change is not a full stop before a full start; it's an easing from one life into another. But you never start that new life empty. Your children will find new happiness and make new memories along with you in Maine, and they will learn from your example that life is a process, and a never-ending adventure.

Baroness Tapuzina

The film is adorable. How lovely it is that you could braid challot with your grandchildren. It was a special treat that I fondly remember doing with my grandmother.


Lydia, your words give me great comfort and guidance. Thanks.
Baroness, thanks for taking the time to watch the youtube video. Making challah with my grandkids was extraordinary.

Lynn Imergoot

Ronnie,what a treat to watch you make Challah with the grandkids. I can also appreciate Jake's feeling of loss of his childhood home. I felt the same way when my parents initially moved to Florida from the Bronx and I was 29 years old and living in St. Louis. Places are only that - places. What's really important are the people who inhabit them.

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Thank you for your inspirations. You are AWESOME!

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