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July 31, 2007


Christine (myplateoryours)

I remember going to a high school boy friend's house on the day that they had brought a huge tank of lobsters in for dinner. We played with them in the kitchen, getting them to grab pencils from us. When dinner rolled around, and one of my former playmates was on my plate, I couldn't do it.

Since then I have gotten less squeamish. Had fried lobster the other day -- better (and richer) than you would guess.

By the way, have you read The Secret Life of Lobsters by Trevor Corson?


Having grown up on the East Coast and living in New England for the past 30 years, I cannot imagine summer without lobster. Favorite lobster memory: the lobster suppers at St. Ann's Church on Prince Edward Island. All you can eat, of the freshest lobster imaginable.


That was a memorable trip. You were as you are now,a good sport,fun to be with and good crew.

Ronnie at Around the Table

Christie, ordered the book and it was waiting for me upon my return from Maine. Can't wait to read it.
Lydia, thanks for sharing your memory. I hear Prince Edward Island is gorgeous. On my list to visit.

Deborah Dowd

The cost of lobster keeps it from being an everyday treat here in Hampton Roads, but we enjoy a similar experience here with Chesapeake blue crabs. However, years ago we visited family in New England and went to a place called Appies near Groton, CT, and they had brown paper on the tables and brought you your steamed lobster with bowls of butter and claw crackers and actually, I don't remember what else we had with that lobster... it was so delicious!

Susan from Food Blogga

Thanks for the link, Ronnie! You know, just last week I was going to make my husband a lobster dish and couldn't find any Maine lobsters here. I called one fish store, and they wanted $45/ lb for Maine lobster and $30 for West Coast spiny lobsters. I made shrimp instead.

Looks like I'll be waiting till we go back to RI for some Maine lobsters. :)


Every year my husband and I spend our vacation in Canada, Nova Scotia. We've been there always in the autumn. But this year we changed and stood there when the season for Lobster started and so we had the oportunity to ate several lobster. Everything was very excited for us and so we like to remember to the lobsters.
Greeting from munic, germany


Lavaterra, thanks for visiting my blog-all the way from Munich, Germany!
Susan, I know that Cook's Lobster on Bailey Island ships and I think for a lot less than you are being charged locally. Check it out: www.cookslobster.com
Deborah, when I eat lobster, I never care what else comes with it.

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