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June 09, 2007


Deborah Dowd

Thanks for the mention in your post and for your kind words. I read your profile and it seems we started our blogs for the same reason- to capture foods and traditions that seem to be getting lost in today's busy world. Keep it up- not just for yourself but for readers as well!

Christine (myplateoryours)

So get your butt over here and start cooking! Can't wait to see you.

Michelle (a.k.a Baroness Tapuzina)

I was wondering what happened to you. Good to see that your are back in blogland. Can't wait to read more.

Enjoy your adventures,


Betty Jo

Your blog is wonderful and very much deserves this nice award. Congrats! Looking forward to reading your future blog posts.


Deborah, thanks for the encouragement.
Michelle, thanks for your patience. I wish that all I had to do in a day was blog and immerse myself in the food world.
Betty Jo, thanks for stopping by. It's wonderful to have new visitors, bringing new perspectives.

Jenn M.

Congrats on your award! The few minutes of blog I have thus far viewed is definitely going to call me back. I LOVE it so far. ;-)


Jenn M.

Oh, I meant to add that I found your blog while searching google for Challah bread recipe. =)

Ronnie at Around the Table

Jenn, thanks for stopping by. Are you going to make challah this week?

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