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May 17, 2007


christine (myplateoryours)

Round foods symbolizing continuity and the cycle of life. I love that. I am so glad you decided to make Walter's "egg noodles" for Passover this year and I got to listen to Walter stories while we cooked. Funny how things happen.


Christi, I am really glad that I thought of making Walter's egg noodles for Passover this year; especially since I had not made them in years. I am especially grateful to you for blogging the entire meal including a beautiful photo with his "noodles" prominently perched in the broth.
I am committed to honoring his memory by including the noodles in my Passover menu for years to come.

Deborah Dowd

What a beautiful post, and I am so sorry about your former father-in-law. I know firsthand that that can be a very special relationship (I posted about my own father-in-law). Also, thanks for sharing the traditional Jewish meal of condolence. It seems no matter your faith or ethnic background, our first instinct in time of loss is to bring food.

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