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April 16, 2007


Michelle (a.k.a Baroness Tapuzina)

This was one of my Hungarian MIL's signature dishes. She will be 90-years-old in a month and unfortunately is no longer able to cook, but I was lucky enough to try it over six years ago when she was still moving around in the kitchen. Her recipe is similar.


My mom made something like this when I was growing up. Btw, I was born in Manhasset. North Shore Jewish Hospital. I dont remember NY that much, we moved to Fl when I was 3.


Michelle, that is why it is so important to write about preserving family traditions.Ijust want to shout that people should talk to their relatives NOW, while they are still alive. Most people understand it in theory but often wait and then of course they are sorry they did!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

It is reassuring to know that the act of cooking (with all of the memories it evokes) can bring some solace to us in our times of sadness.

You make an excellent point as well about preserving family traditions and recipes.


The chicken looks delicious. Spaetzle is easy to make even without a spaetzle maker - I just force the batter with a wooden spoon through a colander or anything else with large round holes and it works great! It's a little more exercise but then you can work off the sour cream if you want to add it :)


Randi, I know North Shore Hospital well. NY to Florida to Canada? Anything in between?
Susan, thanks. My goal with this blog and hopefully a book is bring that point home.
Deb, thanks for stopping by again. Never thought about using a colander for the spaetzle. Good suggestion!


Like a chicken version of goulash. Looks and sounds delicious!


I love both chicken paprikash and mushroom paprikash - such easy dishes to make, but so flavoursome.
Thanks for sharing your Nani Klara's recipe!

Cameron Cutty

I remember always having Szegeo paprika in the refrigerator door growing up. My Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my Mom made Chicken Paprikash when i was growing up. It's comfort food for me. I can't wait to make it tonight. My Great Grandmother's recipe is a little different but i just thought I would check out some other recipes. Always had it with sour cream. Maybe I'll try it without sometime.

Cameron Cutty

ok so i just read your recipe in it's entirety and at the end of my great grandmother's recipe it says good luck!!!! how weird is that!!

חדר מלח

HMM here is the Yammy yammy chicken cuisine. I love it. Great recipe with good ingredients and making process. Very different chicken recipe with nice taste. Who cant love it?? hmmm :)

סידור הבית

Delicious post!! I love Chicken Paprikash. I do not stop my self when I see it. Thanks for sharing this recipe for Chicken Paprikash.

UGG Delaine

Took me awhile to read all the comments, but I really love the article. It proved to be very useful to me and Ienters here!

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