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April 07, 2007


Christine (myplateoryours)

Love the look on Evan's face. You guys crack me up.

And you are right -- I don't feel sorry for you. It's below freezing here in Indiana. The asparagus is frozen in the ground and the daffodils have bowed their cheery little heads. I am cherishing memories of sitting around your chiminea.


I am a very lucky man. The Matzo Lasagne was outstanding. It had plenty of the "zets" from whatever the spices were, and layered just like Italian Lasagne but lacking the aldente quality of the pasta. it's hard to get that when you first soak the Matzo in water to soften them up I guess. I also appreciated being able to stick to my tradition.
The guys I hang with are wonderful. They appreciate a committment to one's heritage and are committed to their family traditions in lots of ways. We did get a laugh out of Cruda trying it and with a bit of a frown saying "well its the best matzo lasagne i have ever had (never having had it).
i was sorry not be be able to share the fire and sunset with you but it is so good to be with the guys acting stupid, eating great food, laughing at all things politically incorrect at best and bawdy at worst. You and I will have lots of campfires and sunsets.
Now lets get The Coach to post a blog. his knowledge of food and wine would make great reading.

Paul "El Gigante"

Needless to say, I also do not feel sorry for you. You live in a veritable paradise, doing things that you enjoy with the love of your life. You did good, kid. For the record, though, Evan hit the jackpot with you.

I sorely missed not being able to attend one of our less sacred, yet pleasurable Meetings. Yes, I am one of them... A Templar. I also hold the distinction of bringing "The Rear Admiral" (insert joke here), Evan, to our midst. It is and has been an honor to do so.

I look forward to your musings on The Temple and the "high wall" family. The Coach has been a second father to myself and many of our crew. I have faith that you will properly convey our thoughts & feelings along with your own.

A follow-up newsletter is being prepared as we speak, I'm sure, discussing last night's happenings. The review on said lasagne will be included. I am quite interested to read all about it.

Think of "The Giant" while overlooking the Gulf and know that he looks down from the Georgia hills upon you both with great pride and admiration :).


Did you soak the matzoh first, or use it right from the box? I've tried in both ways.... it's fun to live in a household with more than one tradition to celebrate, isn't it?


Pass The "Lotsa Matzo For Pasta" Lasagna!

My good friend is a very lucky man! He happens to be married to an great woman and "foodie." I was fortunate to try my first Matzo based lasagna this past weekend. This must be the first door to door delivery of Matzo Lasagna on a Harley Daividsen....at least in Florida if not the U.S.
Well it was the best "Matzo Lasagna I have ever tasted" as one of our friends said. I liked the way the matzo was almost in the form of a long grain rice in shape-but this could have been from the wild Harley ride as well-(we are awaiting video of traffic intersection lights to confirm this). It had bits of sauteed garlic done very nicely and the matzo was dense and moist. The San MArzano tomatoes were terrific. If tomatoes went to the Oscars and walked the red carpet-they would all wish to be wearing San MArzano skins! They are the best, most sweet and flavorful tomatoes I have ever had. Some nice Mozz. to round it out-Ronnie did a great job! Evan and our crew enjoyed the Matzo and we were all impressed with Ronnie's efforts once again. This lady can flat out cook!

Great Time and Great Matzo Lasagne.
Thanks Ronnie-


Thanks for the compliments and your musings about the other night. I need you for a guest post!

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