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April 29, 2007



Very cool, I have never heard of snook before. Great looking dip, thanks for taking part in WCC!

Christine (myplateoryours)

Why weren't we there? There is mismanagement somewhere in my life. next time there is a snook, call and we will fly.

Ann Sofia-Rothschild

It may have been a weekend of firsts, but all the love and care and attention to detail that is so typically Ronnie, was there. Every bite was sumptuous! And Ronnie was happy, as were all her guests! It was a great way to start a wonderful evening. Also, it is interesting to note that all traditions start with a "first." Thanks Ronnie.


Don't worry about not accentuating the family traditions by the specifics of the event. Your contribution to family traditions rests in your welcome to our friends and their assurance that they will have a new and perfect culinary experience every time they come to our home. You are creating the traditions. I would love to know that just by going out "fishing" it will mean "catching" ( as our great friend and my fishing buddy Alan differentiates) but it just is not always so. Next time I want Jerry on the boat with us. Here's to a lifetime of fishing and eating together.

Danielle Silber

Hey Ronnie and Evan!

We love the photo of the big fish... but we're sitting here stuffing our faces with challah and we're wondering why fish take precedent over beautiful boys? eh?
We love the incredible stories and are drooling over your recipes!

Here's to baking challah and some of these other masterpieces together in the future!

much love and many hugs,
Danielle & your son Jake!


I love the picture of Uncle Evan!

I'll be sure to test the Snook Dip this weekend.




I am glad you shared the snook story because I got to also see the beautiful Chicken Paprikash and it reminded me of one of our trips which included Buda-Pest and a visit to Kolaksa( may be mispelled) where we purchased world famous Hungarian Paprika. Arlene and I have been eating spaezle for years that she
prepares with sauteed onions, salt and fresh ground pepper with a crumb and parmesan topping and baked to perfection as a side dish. You might want to try Steiner`s spaetzle (when you don`t have time for homemade). It is available at the Countryside Mall in Clearwater at a German Deli. Your snook etc. and the matzoh lasagna sound delicious.You sure are creative with food and as it is my hobby I salivate very easily.

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