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March 09, 2007


christine (myplateoryours)

I love the reminder that food traditions aren't just the ones handed down to us, but the ones we hand down as well. Someday the grandkids will be blogging about Mimi's challah, and how important it is that they continue making it for their kids.


Thanks for the positive reinforcement. Kids live in such a hassled and harried world today, filled with new stimuli and often without regard for the old and familiar. One of my goals is definitely to get them to slow down a bit and stop and smell the roses.


Looking at the Challah made my mouth water; alas I have tasted and devoured my share of your marvelous loaf. My grandparents came from Austria except for my paternal grandfather who was Russian. So I am three quarters Austrian and a common background with you.
My father's mom was a professional cook in the Catskill Mts. in New York State so I can relate to the marvelous homemade wonders that came out of her kitchen.
Food is my hobby and I truly enjoy homemade goodies which fortunately like you come out of our kitchen daily.
Looking very forward to sharing Passover again with you and your family. Last year was the most beautiful Seder I have had the pleasure of attending.


What a wonderful blog! I have always wanted to make challah (it's not easy to buy over here in the UK) but have never gotten around to it. You might just have inspired me!


Freya, thanks for your compliment and it's almost Friday-bite the bullet and bake the challah this week!


This website is such a blessing to all of us. My grandmother used to make babka and I was supposed to go make it with her to get the recipe when I broke my arm and never got the chance. Now her recipe is lost and I will have to try to recreate it from various recipes and memories. Your website ensures that our recipes and traditions will be shared across time. Thank you for providing a forum for those of us with a love of food and family.


Your challah looks perfect, I'd love some!


I was excited to visit your site today, thank you and greetings from Israel :-)


Thanks for sharing the challah recipe! I look forward to testing it out on the Jewish boyfriend at our next Shabbat dinner. The blog is brilliant and I can't wait to try other recipes as I continue to test my cooking skills.


I made my first challah a couple months ago. I froze it and brought them to my mom and sister when I came back to Florida for a visit. I enjoyed making it so much, I bought the book " a blessing of bread". Its all about different jewish breads. Anyway, my family lives in a very jewish area of S. Florida and they thought my bread was better than the local deli's.


Go for it! Make the challah this week!
Thanks for visiting the blog. I have never frozen challah but I should as I make two every Friday.

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