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February 06, 2007


christine (myplateoryours)

Sounds delicious, Ronnie. I prefer the deer spine image too.


Memories of a delicious cake made by a very special lady.

Posted by Rhoda


hi ronnie.........what a fantastic piece of work!!!!!.....you are something else!!!!......how familiar those recipes are and what wonderful memories they evoke.........(i never could make that luscious chocolate cake!)...........sylvia and kurt are surely smiling down!!!!!!......i'm proud of you, too!!!...


Did you use a special Rehrückenform like this
http://tinyurl.com/22fvd5 ?


Ulrike, that is exactly the pan I used! It is interesting to see the cake in the picture next to the pan on the Amazon website. That cake looks more like another cake my mom used to make called Kugelhupf. But she had a different form for that one.


Today I made a cake in a Gugelhupf-Form, altough the article is in German it's easy to understand



Hi Ronnie - thank you for submitting this to the Nostalgia event :) It is a beautiful recollection of how foods can take on special memories and emotions to us, and I'd like to thank you for sharing :)


Ulrike, thanks for the gugelhupf recipe. My German is a bit rusty but I definitely was able to get the gist of it. My mother's gugelhupf recipe will soon have a spot on this blog. It is one of my favorites.


god, that looks fantastic! i never made rehrücken myself, but it definitely is a staple dessert in the various households of my extended family. i need to call my mum now and have her make one when i come home for easter ... am i selfish to demand a rehrücken? well, maybe ...

thanks for sharing your story on this one!


Gerda, go on and ask your mum to make you a rehrucken; you are worth it! I read that you are from Linz. I can only assume that you make a great Linzer Torte! Yes???


oh-oh ... i have to hang my head in shame: i have never made a linzer torte! ever!

now there's a challenge, hm? i should definitely make more cakes and desserts - and maybe i could start by making a real linzertorte one of these days ...

i am glad i discovered your blog, i am just catching up on all your previous posts!



This brings back memories of my great-grandmother and her wonderful Rehrueken. I have the recipe too and it calls for 125g of zwieback, 100g almonds and 2 tbsp of flour. She also added 2 tbsp of schnapps or rum to the batter. I haven't made this in years. I will have to try making it sometime. I will look for a rehrueken pan when I fly to Germany at the end of the month.


Michelle, schnapps or rum? Interesting...I encourage you to make it. Let me know how it turns out.

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