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January 27, 2007


christine (myplateoryours)

About time, Ron!!! Your folks had so much to do with giving me a glimpse into a food world different (so different!) from my own. Looking forward to reading and participating on your blog.

Gaye Weinman


This is so exciting to see your hard work coming to fruition. Can't wait to try some of your family recipes.


olle broström

Great! Christina has fine Estonian recipes that her fabolous Grandmother taught her.
Whenever you feel like it: visit my blog to view my pictures/paintings. Doubleclick on the miniatures to enlarge and search the archive for more.Please feel free to comment!
Love to all of you, Olle


Your words made me want to run into the kitchen and continue making memories for my family. What a magnificent and loving tribute. Thank you, Ronnie.


What a wonderful and touching start to your blog. It is going to be wonderful as it develops, and I am looking forward to enjoying it.


Welcome to food blogging! You might check in with Angelika from the Flying Apple too ...

Ronnie Weston

Thanks for your welcome. I think it is really neat that you are continuing the food writing tradition started by your mom. That is what this blog is all about. BTW, my son goes to Wash U in St. Louis. We'll have to hook up and compare notes next time I am there.


I loved reading your blog!! I am the food lover in this family and My boys (28-25)are anxious to keep up our family traditions and have taken up cooking. They are funny in that they associate smells w/ memories. The smell of garlic/clam sauce is the smell of Christmas Eve..Italian sauces-the smell of Grandma's on a Sunday. Will share any recipes that you would like to try or just come on over to the east coast and we can have a thematic food fest and golf!!



So good to hear from you. Funny that we have so much in common. My son, Chad loves to cook as well. He is a big fan of Giada on the food network. I love the idea of our senses evoking memories. I have your dad's recipes for Zeppole, Pasta Fagiole and Pop's Meatballs. Coming soon on this blog!

Steph and Brian Spector

What a great blog!! It's fun to read and also fun reading other's responses.


Steph and Brian


Hi Ronnie,

thank you for leaving that sweet comment on my blog. I have just taken my time to read all your entries, and I have fallen in love with your blog !

I am totally hooked to read here about Eingemachtes Kalbfleisch and Rehrücken, and about your great book project as well ! (If I can be of any assistance to you in that respect please do not hesitate to ask.) I hope one day I will be able to read it - and I am looking forward to more posts on this very special blog. I do not have so much time to read other blogs and therefore have strictly limited the number of those I regularly read, but I am going to list your blog among them ! It has a very special emotional meaning to me, and I thank you for keeping up your/our Viennese traditions and for sharing them. I hope one day you will come and meet me here in the city of your ancestors !

Much love, angelika



Thanks for your kind words. I intend to take you up on your offer(s)!!! Hopefully a trip to Vienna is in the cards for this summer.


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